Topic: 2 bugs

I noticed both on the user profile page:

1. Plugin is reporting the wrong version of Winamp.  States Winamp 5.05, when it's really 5.35.

2. The stats seem to be a little off for the Images Served and Title Updates part.  It states "141 images per day" but only 57 have been served and "174 updates per day" when there have only been 70 title updates.

Registered: Jun 15th 2007
TTSL: 0:03:03:25
Usage: 31.6%
Images Served: 57 (141 images per day)
Title Updates: 70 (174 updates per day)|/user/|/Reaper/|/

Re: 2 bugs

1. I'll look into.  I'm not sure if it's Winamp giving the plugin bad info or the plugin interpreting the data incorrectly.

2. The stats if you have been a member for less than a day are basically predictions based off the time you been a member and the number of touches or images in that time and then we assume the same rate for a day and report that number.  Once your account is 24 hours old your numbers will be averages.